Things to do in Venice with family


Traveling to Venice is a good idea for many families.

The City of Water is affordable and a perfect place for all ages.

Back and forth through islands, mask-making workshops, and interactive museums make Venice a fantastic place for annual family trips.

Here’s a list of a few things to do in Venice with family.

A ghost tour in Venice

A ghost tour in Venice

Discover Venice’s mysterious, dark alleys with compelling, thrilling stories narrated by the Venetians passed down from generation.

See Venice in a new, appealing avatar with your family after the lights are off.

During the tour, you will travel from San Marco Square to Rialto with puzzling itineraries and a new fascinating side of the city.

The Venice Ghost Guided tour will take you to places and highlight the incidents that are part of the curious stories and some unexplained events.

Boat Rides in Murano and Burano

Boat Rides

Boat rides in Venice are fun and one of the best things to do in Venice with family.

Murano and Burano are gorgeous and worth visiting, especially with your kids.

Renowned for its glass-making art, Murano resides with local artisans who practice the old tradition skillfully.

You can witness glassmaking skills and pick souvenirs for your family back home.

You can head to Burano next, where watching colorful buildings by the shores gives a vivid and joyful experience.

Create your carnival mask 

Create your carnival mask

Buying that old Carnival mask is a must for many tourists when you come to Venice.

But how cool will it be if you build one with your family?

You can enroll in a mask-making workshop with your kids and learn about the age-old tradition from an experienced Instructor.

Also, decorate them with your favorite colors while getting interesting information about the use of masks in Venetian history.

Enjoy the Creature di Gomma Exhibition

Enjoy the Creature di Gomma Exhibition

The activity kids and adults will enjoy the most is exploring a massive collection of 6000 vintage toys.

You can test your knowledge and marvel at this unique nostalgia-filled museum.

From Disney comics and Italian film rooms, which include Ledraplastic and Canova, you can admire notable cartoon figures like Popeye, Snoopy and many more.

The 90s-only section will amaze you with collections of Ghostbusters, Ninja turtles and Jurassic park.

Vintage toy fans or not visiting Venice without getting into Creature di Gomma Exhibition is incomplete.

Enroll in an interactive Exhibition

Enroll in an interactive Exhibition in venice

The Exhibition is a unique opportunity for tourists to see the inside of Procuratie Vecchie, which is open for the first time in 500 years.

Finally accessible to the public, this is a great way to interest yourself in an interactive exhibit to learn more about yourself.

It is now the home of the Human Safety Net foundation and has fantastic access to the 12th-century monument which once belonged to the San Marco procurators.

You can engage yourself with the ‘A world of potential’ exhibit and trigger your curiosity, traits and strengths through reflective stories. 

Food workshops for family

Food workshops for family

Food in Venice is delicious, as one cannot stop devouring authentic Italian dishes.

But a great family activity will be learning to cook these fantastic dishes together.

From pasta and tiramisu to the original Italian cicheti, several workshop classes will help you gain insight into Venetian cuisines.

Not only will you learn about Venice’s oldest and exclusive tradition, but you will also get to take the knowledge home and try recipes for your family and friends.

Book your tickets to experience traditional home cooking in Venice. 

Look in on the Calle Lunga Santa Bookshop

Calle Lunga Santa

Calle Lunga Santa is home to one of the world’s most popular and picturesque bookstores.

But what attracts the tourists more are not the books but the shelves in the form of gondolas, boats or even canoes.

These books are not just products but also shiny, useful furnishing objects.

A thick encyclopedia or a long-forgotten book can be helpful as a comfortable bench or a makeshift stair.

This bookstore is an excellent place for a family visit as it opens the door to a different magical area in Venice.

Enjoy the beach

Enjoy the beach

Venice has some beautiful beaches facing the Adriatic sea, offering a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Lido is the answer to what to do when Visiting Venice with family, as it is full of exciting experiences and activities.

One of the top activities is the bike ride to the San Nicolò Lighthouse and the village of Malamocco.

Some beach clubs also rent out deck chairs and umbrellas where adults can relax while the kids can build sandcastles.

Day-out places for families

Day-out places for families

You can enjoy free museum visits on the first Sunday of every month.

Also, save more by walking around the city, which is an excellent idea, as exploring the city on foot will help you find some hidden corners.

Visiting Venice with family during low or off-peak season will get cheaper accommodation rates, making family trips convenient.

Another way for an affordable trip is taking advantage of the free attractions, which bring you the Venice essence on a budget.

Some money-saving solutions for families 

Some money-saving solutions for families

Visiting Venice with family can be expensive as it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

However, the best way for a money-saving visit to Venice is to buy passes. 

Such as, purchasing the ACTV Public Transport Services will get unlimited usage of the transport system.

Also, the Venice city pass enables you to visit the top attractions and landmarks easily.

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