Up and Down the Bridges of Venice

Venice is a stunning city famous for its canals and bridges. Its beauty always draws in travelers, fascinating them with its charm.

The Bridges Festival is a time of year when Venice is transformed into a stage for special events and traditions.

But one event that shines brighter than the rest is ‘Su e Zo per i Ponti,’ also known as Up and Down the Bridges.

Starting in April, the event will occur in Piazza San Marco in front of Doge’s Palace.

It’s a walk for solidarity, involving both running and walking without any timekeeping or result lists. 

The event is divided into two suggested routes covering different city areas, including the less-known and the most famous landmarks.

This walk covers a little over 10 kilometers. For those unsure about finishing, there’s also a 5-kilometer route planned by the organizers.

Up and Down the Bridges of Venice draws over 10,000 participants annually.

It’s an amazing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Visiting Venice during this time is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This article will tell you all you need to know about Up and Down the Bridges of Venice, which is taking place in 2024.

Important Details of the Up and Down the Bridges Event

 Up and Down the Bridges Event
Image: Britannica.com

Date: 14 April, 2024 (Sunday)
Location: Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
Map: Get Directions

The event starts at Piazza San Marco (in front of the Doge’s Palace), and the route changes yearly. Usually, it covers around 12km and crosses approximately 50 bridges.

Up and Down the Bridges of Venice Theme in 2024 

This year’s theme is about Marco Polo’s legacy.

Marco Polo’s travels inspired other explorers and brought together different cultures. 

He’s still remembered today as an important historical figure, known for his exploration and for bringing people from different places closer together.

Leo, the Venice Carnival 2024 mascot, plays a significant role in representing Marco Polo’s adventurous spirit.

This year, Leo will be seen dressed up like Marco Polo and will read his book, Il Milione, to honor his 700th death anniversary. 

The Story Behind Up and Down the Bridges of Venice

Story Behind Up and Down the Bridges of Venice
Image: Foxnews.com

‘Su e Zo per i Ponti’ or Up and Down the Bridges has been a popular event in Venice since the early 21st century.

The event was inspired by the desire to enhance Venice’s culture and tradition by actively involving the local community and creating a shared festive atmosphere. 

Its name, “Su e Zo,” conveys the up-and-down movement of bridges that characterize Venice’s architecture while celebrating the city’s essence.

Following the founding of Don Bosco and other Catholic groups in 1975, the event has grown into a major spring event in Venice that brings together thousands of participants.

Participants include people of all ages, families, school groups, and sports teams, coming together for a day devoted to meeting, friendship, and solidarity.

The main circuit covers 47 bridges and is 10 km long, while a shorter route is 5 km long and crosses 27 bridges. 

Over the years, “Up and Down the Bridges” has grown in popularity, becoming an official event on the Venetian calendar and attracting visitors from around the globe. 

What to Expect at Up and Down the Bridges of Venice 2024

Expect at Up and Down the Bridges of Venice 2024
Image: Indiatimes.com

At the 2024 Bridges festival, ‘Su e Zo’ plans to offer an amazing experience. 

The event offers guided walks, performances by street artists, tastings of local specialties, and various activities that engage both tourists and the local community in celebrating Venetian history and tradition.

It also includes many events and activities along Venice’s canals and bridges, calling on both tourists and locals. 

Participants will have the opportunity to march on the bridges of Venice in a non-competitive walk that promotes solidarity and community spirit. 

The event is open to everyone, with different itineraries available for various preferences and capabilities.

You can go on guided walks,  watch performances by street artists, try local food, and more.

What’s special about ‘Su e Zo per i Ponti’ is that it includes everyone. Venetians and visitors join in celebrating Venice’s history together.

People experience the city’s unique vibe through all the fun activities and feel connected to something real and meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Up and Down the Bridges of Venice?

Up and Down the Bridges of Venice 2024 (Su e Zo per i Ponti) is an annual event involving thousands of people walking for solidarity around Venice’s alleys. 

What is “Su e Zo per i Ponti”?

Su e Zo per i Ponti is another name for the event- Up and Down the Bridges of Venice. Which is an annual event in Venice, Italy.

It is where participants travel across the city by walking “up and down the bridges” to explore the iconic bridges and cultural landmarks.

What are Up and Down the Bridges of Venice 2024 dates?

The event will take place on 14 April this year. 

It typically takes place every year in the spring, often in April or May, allowing participants to enjoy pleasant weather while exploring Venice’s bridges.

Are there specific routes for “Up and Down the Bridges of Venice?”

Yes, there are specific routes for the event in Venice. Different routes are laid out for various age groups. 

The main circuit runs over 47 bridges and is 12 km long, while a shorter route is 7 km long and crosses 27 bridges. 

Participants can choose between these routes based on their preferences and physical capabilities. 

The event starts in Piazza San Marco, in front of the Doge’s Palace, and walkers follow a route characteristic of the city, which leads them through calli (streets), campi (squares), and ponti (bridges).  

Featured Image: Architecturaldigest.com

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