How to reach Venice


Many tourists often wonder how to reach Venice as the city is surrounded by water.

Transportation in Venice is simple as it gives you a different experience than any other city in Italy.

To help you with the confusion, we have listed some ways how to get to Venice. 


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Venice has two airports, Marco Polo Airport and Treviso Airport; both are well-connected to countries across the globe.

Marco Polo Airport

Marco Polo Airport

The Marco Polo airport is the city’s main international airport and the fourth busiest in Italy.

It is much closer to Venice and well-communicated, as most airlines prefer it over Treviso.

Marco polo is also suitable as it is well connected to the main town and is a convenient boat or bus ride away. 

Treviso Airport

The Treviso airport, officially known as Canova Airport, is mainly used for low-cost carriers such as Ryanair and Wizz Air.

Although the airport is relatively small, it transports around 1 million passengers annually. 



Train is another more accessible and cheaper way of getting to the city.

If you are wondering how to get to Venice by train, we are sharing some of the best ways. 

Venezia Santa Lucia railway station is the city’s central train network that connects Venice with several countries and other Italian cities.

Trains are an exciting alternative as you can take a low-cost flight from Milan to Venice, then take a train and reach the city.

It is an effortless way of getting around cities like Rome or Florence, thus making it an excellent option for tourists wondering how to reach Venice.



Traveling to Venice by bus is not a popular option, but it is affordable.

If you want to get to Venice by bus, you can take an ATVO bus and land at the main bus terminal, Piazzale Roma.

From there you can take a water taxi or a bus to get to the main city center.


Traveling by sea is another answer to how to reach Venice on a budget and lavishly.

As one of the largest ports in the mediterranean sea, the Port of Venice is the largest passenger-carrying marina.

Cruises take off from several cities like Albona, Pirano, Pola, Syria, Greece and Egypt.

More than 200 cruise ships take you to the Maritime station, where you can avail of a boat and reach St. Mark’s Square.

How to get around in Venice

Transportation in Venice is one of the biggest reasons tourists visit the historically rich city.

The city ditches buses or cars but instead chooses water taxis or gondolas.

Here’s a little guide on how to travel within Venice to enhance your experience in the city.

Water bus

One thing that makes the city unique is its water, which is the most romantic way of getting around Venice.

Although there are four-wheeled buses in the city, the best way to explore it is by boat.

Taxis, police cars and even ambulances are all waterborne, as well as buses called vaporettos.

Most lines for the water buses have suitable timings as they run from 4.30 am to 12.30 am (midnight).

Water taxis

Water taxis

Water taxi prices are comparatively high compared to other transport in the city.

A relaxing boat trip down Venezia’s canals is an excellent experience for large groups, as taxis can carry up to 10 people.

Prices of Water taxis from Venezia Santa Lucia railway station and Piazzale Roma to the city center are around € 65 and € 100.


A gondola is a traditional long narrow Venetian boat that you often spot in movies and TV shows.

A guide known as the gondolier steers the ship and navigates it with the help of one long paddle.

Gondolas are one of the most popular tourist attractions because of their accessibility to city parts that land vehicles cannot.

A 30-minute gondola ride costs €30.


Traghetti are large gondolas used by locals and tourists to cross the Grand Canal.

It is budget friendly as its ticket prices start at €1.

Note: The Traghetti is mostly for Venetian workers, so it may operate at certain hours and not run during weekends.


The buses are one of the cheapest options to get to the city center from the Marco Polo Airport.

They only run on the mainland, for example, in Mestre and certain islands like Lido.

Buses also depart from Piazzale Roma, and on Venice Island, Santa Croce is the only place buses and cars can travel.


The Alilaguna water buses are unique and get you to the heart of Venice from the Marco polo airport.

It has six different lines that connect it to the airport and the Venice port to the city center.

The buses often run long hours

Morning: 6.15 am
Evening: 12.40 am (Midnight)

From Piazza San Marco

Morning: 3.50 am
Evening: 10.50 pm

The journey takes almost 2 hours, so we suggest you travel from Alilaguna if you leave early and have a lot of time on your hands.

One way ticket from the airport to the city center costs € 15.

So, choose the most convenient transportation to reach Venice.

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