Free Things to do in Venice


There are various free things to do in Venice. Yes, you read it right.

Even though people do not consider Venice a budget-friendly option, you can do many things here free of cost.

So, if you want to tour the city in a cheaper, more efficient way, here’s a guide for you. 

Take a walk at Rialto Bridge

One of the famous bridges of the grand canal, the Rialto bridge, has become a famous tourist trap.

Housing several shops selling souvenirs, the Rialto Markets have become quite well known in the vicinity.

Even if you arrive a little early in the morning while the shops are closed, you can still enjoy the view and peace the bridge offers.

It has two nooks at the bottom where you can sit right under it while the water brushes over your legs while watching Gondolas passing through. 

Visit Piazza San Marco

Visit Piazza San Marco

The Basilica San Marco is the only building in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) that doesn’t charge entrance fees.

The popular spot is a Roman Catholic cathedral representing the house of worship and beautiful architecture.

Stunning sights are abundant as you can easily wander around the square and view the St. Mark’s Campanile and Santo Stefano Bell Tower.

As it is pretty crowded during the day, we suggest visiting early morning or evening to enjoy the experience at its fullest.

Walk in the Venice passageways

Getting lost in Venice happens rarely, but when it does, embrace it.

Venice’s streets are so intricate that getting lost is a treat for many tourists.

The roads are also very confusing for mapping apps as they might indicate a different street half the time.

But do not worry, as it is still a tiny island, and you might end up just a few minutes away from your next point of attraction. 

An unusual walking tour will take you through the hidden places of Venice. Book now!

Relax in gardens, parks and Squares 

Relax in gardens, parks and Squares

Even with water around, Venice has plenty of parks and gardens.

The city offers several places with greenery that offer fresh air where you can relax.

If you want to spend some time in Venice parks, you should visit Giardini Della Biennale.

Take Advantage of Free Museum Day

Take Advantage of Free Museum Day

Visiting museums is one of the best free things to do in Venice.

Many museums show Venice’s culture and history, and most have free access, such as the Museo Della Musica.

But on the first Sunday of every month, five museums are free, which are 

  • Gallerie dell’ Accademia
  • Museo Palazzo Grimani
  • the National Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Oriental Art
  • the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro

If you are anywhere in Italy on the first Sunday of any month, try looking into museums around the area.

As part of recent legislation, over 450 museums are free on Sundays to encourage people to learn more about Italy’s history.

Historic Jewish Grottos

In Cannaregio, you will find yourself among the Jewish caves built in the 15th century.

It is also the oldest Grotto in the country.

You can make your way through all five synagogues and learn about the history of Venice’s Jews.

The history includes their struggle and hardships, such as not being allowed to their houses during the daytime.  

Book your walking tour in advance and see the new side of the city.

Enjoy significant festivals and events

Venice and carnivals go together; celebrating art, culture and history makes the city breathtaking.

The carnival fills the city with color, masks and extravagant costumes.

One of the main events in the festival is the Volo dell’Angelo, where the performer hangs from a zipline and moves to St Mark’s square from the Campanile.

Another of the fantastic Venice festivals is the Festa del Redentore, where the city celebrates the end of the 16th-century plague with fireworks. 

Stroll along the Zattere at sunset

Zattere at sunset

Zarettere was a delivery dock for the mass production of timber in the 15th century.

While docks have vanished, the area is an excellent avenue for tourists.

As shipping was a rich man’s business, many importers built stunning manors along the stretch, making it a sight for sore eyes.

Especially during the evenings when the golden lights hit the water, making it a peaceful way to end your day. 

Venice is full of interesting shops, but the most famous are the masks making shops.

The people traditionally wear masks during the carnivals as in the earlier days, people used them to conceal their identities.

This tradition allowed the rich and poor to dance and celebrate together with the social hierarchies coming in.

Today, masks are exclusively sold in shops and are one of the famous souvenirs in the city.

So, when listing down free things to do in Venice, mask-making definitely comes on top.

Hop on a free concert

Concerts in Venice are not promoted as much; however, you can find flyers in cafes or posters outside churches or museums.

Also, during culture week, various museums host free exhibits and events in May.

Featured Image: Florin Cristian Ailenei / Getty Images

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