Doge’s Palace Tickets – Prices, Discounts, What to Expect

Doge’s Palace, or Palazzo Ducale, stands as a prominent landmark in Venice, Italy. 

It served as the residence of the Doge, Venice’s chief magistrate, and was the hub of the Great Council, the Senate, and the judicial system. 

Today, the palace functions as a museum with various public areas, including the staterooms, prisons, and Doge’s apartments.

As one of Venice’s most frequented palace museums, Doge’s Palace attracts 1.5 million visitors annually. 

Its role as a symbol of Venetian authority and governance and its breathtaking architectural design draw visitors from worldwide.

This article will tell you everything from the best Doge’s Palace tickets to various discount offers, how to get the best deals, what to expect and much more.


Hours: 9 am to 6 pm (November to March), 7 pm (April to October)

Best Time: Early morning

Ticket Cost: €30

Location: Piazza San Marco, 1, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy. Get Directions

Where to Buy Doge’s Palace Tickets 

You can buy your Doge’s Palace tickets online or at the ticket counter.

We recommend buying Doge’s Palace tickets online in advance because online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than on-site tickets. 

Also, you can avoid standing in long lines at the ticket counters, which can last up to 45 minutes during peak season.

Also, Doge’s Palace is a most visited site, so buying tickets online ensures your entry on your preferred date and time, helping you plan your itinerary confidently.

Many online tickets for Doge’s Palace offer skip-the-line access, allowing you to bypass the regular queue and save time. 

This means you can spend more time exploring the palace’s rich history and less time waiting.

Online ticketing often includes options for guided tours and exclusive access to parts of the palace not available to general ticket holders. 

Doge’s Palace tickets online can also provide discounts, promotional offers, or combo tickets that offer entry to other attractions in Venice, adding value to your trip.

You will also get flexible cancellation policies, allowing you to cancel or reschedule your visit if your plans change, subject to the terms and conditions of the ticket.

Best Selling Doge’s Palace Tickets

How Do Doge’s Palace Online Tickets Work?

How Do Doge’s Palace Online Tickets Work?
Image: GetYourGuide.com

To purchase your tickets to Doge’s Palace, head to the booking page and choose your desired date, time slot, and number of tickets.

Your tickets will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. You do not need to take printouts.

All you have to do is arrive at the attraction 15 minutes before the time specified on your ticket and present it on your smartphone to enter immediately.

Doge’s Palace Ticket Prices

The Doge’s Palace reserved entry ticket costs €30 for visitors between 15 and 64 years old.

Children between six and 14 years old and seniors above 65 years old pay a discounted price of €15, saving €15 per ticket.

Kids up to 5 years old get free entry.

Here are the best tickets for Doge’s Palace at a glance:

Ticket TypePrice
Doge’s Palace Reserved Entry Ticket€30
Last-Minute Fast Track Ticket€35
Doge’s Palace Guided Tour€64
Combo Ticket€84
Venice Pass€82

Types of Doge’s Palace Tickets

The Doge’s Palace entry tickets are the most popular among tourists, as they give you skip-the-line access and save time.

People who forget to purchase the Doge’s Palace tickets in advance can purchase the last-minute fast-track ticket for the Doge’s Palace.

Tickets for guided tours are ideal for individuals who want to see all the highlights of Doge’s Palace, families, and visitors with limited time.

If you are visiting with kids, the Doge’s Palace + St. Mark’s Basilica combo ticket is the cheapest option to cover both attractions.

Tourists visiting Venice for a longer vacation, traveling with a large group, or exploring the city on a budget prefer the Venice Pass to save money.

1. Doge’s Palace Reserved Entry Ticket

Doge’s Palace skip-the-line ticket allows visitors to bypass the regular ticket line and enter the palace through a dedicated entrance, saving time and avoiding long queues. 

This reserved entry ticket is highly recommended for those who want to make the most of their time in Venice and avoid waiting in line. 

You will get to see the Doge’s Palace and the three other museums: the Correr Museum, the National Archeological Museum, and the Biblioteca Marcian.

Students can also benefit greatly from this ticket, as it offers a €15 discount to those who present their student ID.

This ticket is the cheapest for seeing the Doge’s Palace, even if you choose to travel in a different way.

Doge’s Palace Ticket Price

Ticket TypePrice (€)
Adult Ticket (15 to 64 years)€30
Child Ticket (6 to 14 years)€15
Seniors Ticket (65+ years)€15
Infant Ticket (up to 5 years)Free

Note: Students (with ID) ages 15 to 25 cost €15.

2. Doges Palace Last Minute Ticket

2. Doges Palace Last Minute Ticket
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Forgot to book your tickets in advance, and now there is a long line in front of the gate. Don’t stress; you can purchase Doge’s Palace last-minute tickets.

With this ticket, you can still skip the lines and get priority access to the palace.

This self-guided tour is also ideal for people who make plans at the last minute or have some time in Venice and plan to visit Doge’s Palace at the last moment.

You can visit the Doge’s Palace anytime on your visiting day. The last entry is 1.5 hours before the closing time of the palace.

This ticket provides access to multiple areas to learn the fascinating history of Venice’s once-all-powerful Doges.

This ticket also provides a digital guidebook about St. Mark’s Square.

Doge’s Palace Ticket Price

Ticket TypePrice
Adult ticket (18+ years)€35
Child ticket (6 to 14 years)€17
Senior ticket (15 to 25 years)€17
Students (with ID) (15 to 25 years)€17

Note: Admission is free for children under six, disabled guests (+ carer), and Venetian nationals.

3. Doge’s Palace Guided Tour

Doge's Palace Guided Tour
Image: Tiqets.com

If you are traveling with your family and want to explore most of the palace in a short period of time, then a guided tour of Doge’s Palace would be the best choice.

This guided tour of Doge’s Palace will provide skip the line access to the palace, access to the multiple entrances inside the palace and an expert guide.

Your guide will complete your experience, offering their input and guidance on the venue, sharing stories and historical facts, and making your visit more fulfilling. 

The ticket is best suited for families with kids or if you are short on time, as you can cover all the palace’s highlights within 1-hour.

You can explore enormous rooms and halls decorated with some of the finest artworks from the Renaissance, crossing the infamous Bridge of Sighs, and more.

Moreover, in the case of a group of more than 10 people, the guide provides audio receivers.

You can enjoy the self-guided visit to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and learn about the way of life in Renaissance Venice.

The guided tour is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Doge’s Palace Guided Tour Price

Ticket TypePrice
Adult ticket (15+ years)€64
Child ticket (6 to 14 years)€46
Infant ticket (up to 5 years)Free

4. St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace Tickets

St Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace Tickets
Photo by AussieActive on Unsplash

St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace are iconic Venetian landmarks showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage. 

The distance between both sites is merely 452 meters, which you can cover on foot.

It makes this ticket most popular among visitors, as they can combine the two attractions and get their whole day planned. 

St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace tickets optimize your time, reduce the need for multiple transactions, and save you money compared to purchasing separate tickets.

Moreover, holding a single pass for both locations means fewer lines, quicker access and a deeper understanding and appreciation of their shared histories.

By buying this ticket, you can enjoy lagoon views from the terrace, get close to the iconic bronze horses, and learn about their fascinating journey to Paris and back during Napoleon’s era.

You can also see the Chamber of the Great Council and the courtrooms, which feature the famous Giants’ Staircase and Tintoretto paintings.

And explore history by traveling over the infamous Bridge of Sighs and along the canals.

This guided tour is also available for both normal and private groups; you can choose one depending on your preference.

On the booking page, you must select one of the two options.

Option 1: Group Tour

Ticket TypePrice
Adult ticket (15 to 64 years)€84
Child ticket (6 to 14 years)€42
Infant ticket (up to 5 years)Free

Option 2: Private Tour

Ticket TypePrice
Cost for two €250
Cost for four€150

Note: The price will decrease for private tours as the number of participants increases.

A maximum of seven people can participate in a private group.

5. The Venice Pass

Venice pass
Image: GetYourGuide.com

If you are on a budget trip to Venice, the city pass is your best match. It will help you visit multiple attractions at discounted prices. 

This Venice Pass includes visiting St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, the Gondola Ride, and the Murano and Burano tours.

It also provides a Digital audioguide to Venice City, which includes-

  • Audio guide app with 100+ points of interest in the city
  • High-quality visuals, descriptions and audio commentaries by local experts
  • Offline, interactive digital maps and navigation
  • Walking and public transport itineraries

It also offers a 10% discount on your next booking. 

The pass is available instantly on mobile, so you can show up at each attraction and get skip-the-line access.

Venice Pass Price

Ticket TypePrice
Adult ticket (18+ years)€82
Child ticket (6 to 17 years)€75
Infant ticket (2 to 5 years)€30

What to Expect at Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy, is a must-see.

The palace was home to the Doge, a prominent member of the Venetian Republic and a senior elected official.

Its finely carved architecture, frescoes, and sculptures display the palace’s grandeur and beauty.

The city’s rich architecture reflects its former wealth and dominance in the Mediterranean region.

The palace’s most impressive feature is the Great Council Chamber, which seats 2,000 people. It is home to the world’s largest oil painting, Tintoretto’s Paradise.

Notable features of the palace are the magnificent St. Mark’s Basilica, the prisons, and the Bridge of Sighs. 

Visitors can also learn about the palace’s history, the Doge’s role in Venice, and the various political conflicts that occurred there.

The tour concludes with a scenic view from the palace’s terrace overlooking the Grand Canal and its proximity to other famous landmarks.

All of these factors make the Doge’s Palace an excellent destination for anyone interested in Venetian art and its intriguing history.

Best Time to Visit Doge’s Palace

The best times to visit Doge’s Palace are in the milder spring months of April and May and in the fall months of September and November.

The best time of the day is early in the morning, when the sun’s warm glow highlights the palace’s intricate details and creates a magical atmosphere.

Another ideal time is late afternoon after 4 pm, when fewer people are around.

Opening Hours of Doge’s Palace

The palace is open every day with varying timings.

Month WiseOpening TimeClosing Time
November to March9 am6 pm
April to October9 am7 pm

The last entry at the palace is one hour before the closing time.

The palace’s closing procedures begin 30 minutes before its closing time.

FAQs about Doge’s Palace tickets

How much are tickets to Doge’s Palace Venice?

The Doge’s Palace entry ticket costs €30 for adults and €15 for youth and senior citizens. Infants up to 5 years old get free entry.

Doge’s Palace guided tour tickets cost €64 for adults and €46 for youth. Infants up to 5 years old get free tickets.

The Last-Minute Fast Track Doge’s Palace ticket costs €35 for adults and €17 for children, seniors, and students.

Do you need tickets for Doge’s Palace?

Indeed, admission to the Doge’s Palace in Venice requires a ticket costing 30 euros.

Where can you buy tickets for Doges Palace Venice?

Tickets are available at the on-site ticket office or online.

Several ticket options are available, including Entry Ticket, Last-Minute Fast Track Ticket, Guided Tour, Combo Ticket, and Venice Pass.

Can I buy tickets online in advance?

Of course! It is best to purchase online tickets for Doge’s Palace in advance to avoid standing in line at the ticket counter and to ensure your preferred date and entry time.

Is there any cancellation policy on the Doge’s Palace tickets?

Yes, some tickets are refundable, and some are non-refundable.

Entry tickets and Venice passes are non-refundable.

Last-Minute Fast Track Ticket, Guided Tour, and Combo Ticket are refundable, and for a full refund, you can cancel the ticket up to 24 hours before the tour starts.

Can I use the same ticket to re-enter the Doge’s Palace?

No, you cannot use the same ticket to re-enter the palace. You must buy the ticket again if you want to re-enter.

How can I buy tickets for Doge’s Palace?

Tickets for Doge’s Palace can be purchased online or at the ticket office on-site. 
Buying online in advance is recommended to avoid long lines and ensure availability.

Are there skip-the-line tickets available for Doge’s Palace?

Yes, skip-the-line tickets are available and highly recommended to save time. 
These can be purchased online or through certain tour packages that offer direct access to the palace.

Are there any discounts available for Doge’s Palace tickets?

Yes, discounts are available for children, students, seniors, and residents of Venice. Proof of eligibility is required for discounted tickets.

Can I buy a combined ticket that includes Doge’s Palace and other Venice attractions?

Yes, combined tickets are available that include entry to Doge’s Palace and other museums or attractions in Venice, offering savings over individual ticket prices. 
Options often include the Correr Museum and the Venice National Archaeological Museum.

 Is entry to Doge’s Palace included in the Venice City Pass?

Yes, entry to Doge’s Palace is included in the Venice City Pass, which also offers access to several other attractions and public transportation options in Venice.

 What is the cancellation policy for Doge’s Palace tickets?

The cancellation policy for Doge’s Palace tickets offers free cancellation if you cancel them before 24 hours of the selected date and time.

 Are guided tours available for Doge’s Palace?

Yes, guided tours of Doge’s Palace are available and offer a deeper understanding of its history and architecture. 

 Is Doge’s Palace accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Doge’s Palace is accessible for visitors with disabilities, offering elevators and special routes to accommodate wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.

Featured Image: Marika Sartori on Unsplash

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